Book: The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist

Book - the soul of money

I was introduced to this book during my coaches training program back in 2012. I couldn’t put it down, the stories the author shared evoked every emotion within me.  Excitement, anger, fear, joy, compassion, curiosity, inspiration . . . I could go on.  I shared it with everyone I talked to though gradually as time went by and life’s ordinary routines took over like many interesting yet unfamiliar ideas, the books wisdom faded from my mind.  That is until recently when I attended a two day retreat focused on the challenging yet so important concept of shifting from a mindset of scarcity to sufficiency.  All around me, everyday almost in every moment there is something reminding me that money, time, resources, and/or relationships are scarce. I don’t enjoy operating from scarcity yet it is so familiar and almost expected that it is often where my mind goes.  So I went back to look at all the highlighted pages and folded corners in her book to remind myself that there is in fact another perspective I can take.

“In the pursuit of more we overlook the fullness and completeness that are already within us waiting to be discovered.  Our drive to enlarge our net worth turns us away from discovering and deepening our self-worth.”

This was the perfect quote for me to land on this week as I’ve spent way too much of my time and energy in my head worrying about my net worth instead of focusing on discovering and deepening my self worth.  This may sound Pollyanna, however as a coach and an individual committed to overcoming the mindset of scarcity, being reminded of the value of paying attention to self worth set me back on an empowering instead of defeatist path.  What path do you want to be on?

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