Own your essence

Exploring, allowing, and uncovering your core values in connection with expanding your comfort zone provides opportunity to live a life of your choosing. My belief is that when everyone is able to live and operate from their essence, this world will become a more loving, accepting, and creative place. My essence is bliss, heart, grace, unity, sage. What’s yours? Come discover it with me!

Atina is an empowering and caring ally on the path to self-actualization. Her attentive listening and insightful reflections make her a warm and empathetic coach as you work to achieve your personal and professional goals. I worked with Atina starting in October 2013 with the concrete goal to change my career by March 31st, 2014. The fact that I achieved my goal pales in comparison to the personal growth and perspective I gained working with Atina. Although the work we did was very targeted, the insight gained has transcended every aspect of my life and has allowed me to be more open to possibility and choose to come from my essence.

Carla, Customer Success Manager, Brighton, MA

I believe that working with a coach is something everyone can benefit from at some point in their life. Whenever that time is for you, call Atina.

My primary goal was centered around weight loss and nutrition, but over time we expanded into goals in the workplace around leadership, conflict resolution, and in personal relationships around communication. As a biracial woman, she also helped me by being a sounding board and support system when specific issues around my ethnicity came up. We worked through goals in personal and professional aspects of my life, with my Essence as a constant reference point. Atina is a wonderful listener and communicator. She always knew when to push me harder, even if it felt a little uncomfortable. She’s attentive, honest, and thoughtful. She helped me challenge my status quo and I saw results continuously throughout our 7 months working together.

Maya, Research Director, New York, NY