I’m here to guide ambitious women of color to find the joy, ease and impact they crave.  I believe that when each of us is able to live from our truth, this world will become a more loving, accepting, and creative place. Having held back for too many years myself, I completely get how challenging it can be. I’ve discovered a few approaches that helped me and I’d love to help you in your own discovery.

I worked with Atina for a little over 5 months. I didn’t know how much I needed her support and questioning. Atina’s style is not to just give you the answers or a cookie-cutter exercise. Instead, she will persistently and consistently ask the right questions that will allow you to find a new solution or way of thinking.

Atina looks at life as not only career, but as a blend of it all; she uses a mix of more “rational” and more emotion-led exercises to cover all aspects of your life. She is wonderful at unpacking the things you don’t want to admit and pushing you to self-discovery. She labeled the “should” monster I had that made me fearful of taking riskier steps and made me feel strong enough to attempt risks that would lead to better outcomes.

At the end of the day, she wants you to be able to coach yourself — which is not even in her best interest, but is one of the biggest skills you can have. Yet, she is incredibly valuable and when/if I get stuck again I will not hesitate to reach out. I am still using some of her exercises and thinking “what would Atina ask?” to this day.

Dee, Director, New York, NY

Atina is an empowering and caring ally on the path to self-actualization. Her attentive listening and insightful reflections make her a warm and empathetic coach as you work to achieve your personal and professional goals. I worked with Atina starting in October 2013 with the concrete goal to change my career by March 31st, 2014. The fact that I achieved my goal pales in comparison to the personal growth and perspective I gained working with Atina. Although the work we did was very targeted, the insight gained has transcended every aspect of my life and has allowed me to be more open to possibility and choose to come from my essence.

Carla, Customer Success Manager, Brighton, MA