About Atina

I’m Atina White and I’m a life and leadership coach with a passion for helping professional women of color create the life and career you love.

Maybe you’re frustrated that other people’s lives seem to be moving forward while nothing has changed for you in years.  Perhaps you’re curious if there is more to life than just going through the day to day, working, paying bills, running errands. Maybe there’s some dream or desire you’ve had that you’ve not yet fulfilled.

If so, I get it. I excel at helping my clients identify and resolve personal and professional barriers, clear unhelpful circumstances and situations out of the way, uncover blind spots holding you back, and move you unapologetically into the fabulous life of your choosing.

As a bicultural and multiracial woman, in the past I struggled with speaking up, fitting in and choosing what I want for me vs. what others say is right for me. Not only has my personal journey through these challenges led me to coaching (and ultimately to serving you), but it has also taught me to empower the fact that I’ve never fit into any particular box.  My natural out-of-the-box thinking powerfully impacts all my coaching relationships!

Indeed, I’ve traveled an adventurous path to finally unmuting my voice and owning my “essence” (I’ll explain what this means when we chat), and I love that my career is now all about supporting you in owning yours. Making a difference for others has been a pursuit of mine since a very young age, and this has nurtured my innate empathy, curiosity, humor and compassion – all things you’ll benefit from during our work together.

Our work will be powerful, and our arrangement is simple. You bring a commitment to change your life and a willingness to do the work.  I bring expertise, accountability, structure, and focus. Together, we’ll generate the exciting results you desire!

I tell my clients, “if you got it, own it and share it.” And so to practice what I preach here are some facts about me:

  • I’m a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation  (ICF) and a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching.
  • I have spent over five years training with Landmark Worldwide in powerful distinctions of transformation.
  • I hold a Master’s degree in Intercultural Relations and a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior & Management from Brown University.
  • Prior to becoming a coach, I held leadership positions in higher education administration, including a Program Manager role at Harvard Business School.
  • And most recently I’ve joined the ranks of masterful multi-tasker aka mother.

I currently live in the suburbs of Boston, and when I’m not engaged in transforming lives, I enjoy learning from others, especially from my one year old son, spending time in the outdoors, and traveling to new places.