Additional clients I’ve worked with…

I worked with Atina for a little over 5 months. I didn’t know how much I needed her support and questioning. Atina’s style is not to just give you the answers or a cookie-cutter exercise. Instead, she will persistently and consistently ask the right questions that will allow you to find a new solution or way of thinking.

Atina looks at life as not only career, but as a blend of it all; she uses a mix of more “rational” and more emotion-led exercises to cover all aspects of your life. She is wonderful at unpacking the things you don’t want to admit and pushing you to self-discovery. She labeled the “should” monster I had that made me fearful of taking riskier steps and made me feel strong enough to attempt risks that would lead to better outcomes.

At the end of the day, she wants you to be able to coach yourself — which is not even in her best interest, but is one of the biggest skills you can have. Yet, she is incredibly valuable and when/if I get stuck again I will not hesitate to reach out. I am still using some of her exercises and thinking “what would Atina ask?” to this day.

Dee, Director, New York, NY

Why not live an honest and full life? As a supportive and determined coach, Atina pushed for me to improve my quality of life by helping me discover and value my positive qualities while working to eliminate my self-imposed obstacles. We also recognized the elements of my life that gave me fulfillment and I then sought out opportunities that allowed me to pursue my interests in writing and video production. Atina provided a foundation for me to boldly take chances in setting goals that challenge and enhance my life professionally and personally. I don’t know what life has in store for me, but because my work with Atina, I do know that my choices originate from a place of confidence and not fear.

Ian, Freelance Video Editor/Writer

Atina’s coaching services have been central in guiding me through a personal and professional inflection point in graduate school. As she regularly serves diverse medical, corporate, and nonprofit clientele, I benefited tremendously from her uniquely pointed and customized approach that speaks to her background in a broader career landscape. Her warmth and empathy are matched with a stern challenge to go beyond the necessary foundations of introspection and action-orientation, and actually commit to completing actions. Over time, Atina has helped build me up from a “To Do” list enthusiast to a “[To] Done” list-focused worker.

Moreover, Atina’s coaching practice stands out for its deliberate dynamism. More than a coach, Atina felt like an expert guide by motivating me to articulate my desired endpoints and by committing herself to taking me there. Depending on my degree of self-awareness during any given session, I could either feel like I was on a day hike or a night hike. However, if I stayed close and trusted, we always reached that endpoint by the end of the session. I appreciate that these endpoints have become identifiable milestones for me in my personal and professional maturation; milestones in a greater trek to the Summit.

Amaka, Director, Atlanta, GA

I believe that working with a coach is something everyone can benefit from at some point in their life. Whenever that time is for you, call Atina.

My primary goal was centered around weight loss and nutrition, but over time we expanded into goals in the workplace around leadership, conflict resolution, and in personal relationships around communication. As a biracial woman, she also helped me by being a sounding board and support system when specific issues around my ethnicity came up. We worked through goals in personal and professional aspects of my life, with my Essence as a constant reference point. Atina is a wonderful listener and communicator. She always knew when to push me harder, even if it felt a little uncomfortable. She’s attentive, honest, and thoughtful. She helped me challenge my status quo and I saw results continuously throughout our 7 months working together.

Maya, Research Director, New York, NY

Atina has been a rock, an anchor, and a guide. She is genuine, funny, punctual, and hard working. We started sessions together a few months back and since then, she has guided and pushed me to focus on where my path is going. She has given me wonderful feedback, has called me out on my excuses, has commended my good work and efforts, and has provided wonderful ideas for how to achieve my next step. Atina was always willing to change tactics if I wasn’t feeling like something was working. When life threw lemons my way, we would change gears for a session or two and figure out how to make lemonade and choose happiness instead of dread. I am so grateful to have met and worked with her. I know she will go on to change many people’s lives. She’s definitely changed mine and I recommend her through and through.

Gabriela, Visitor Services Associate, Miami, FL

For anyone who is struggling with finding their passion or their calling, I would recommend spending time with Atina White. She is never afraid of challenging her clients. They can also expect her to always be compassionate and caring. One of the qualities that I admire and appreciate the most about Atina is her keen cultural awareness. She is particularly sensitive to the needs of professional women of color and is excellent at helping them identify and understand how their unique experience and qualities are the elements that make them successful. Atina is a true coach in that she is passionate about helping others live authentically and passionately.

Letty Garcia, Leadership Development and Emotional Intelligence Coach, Assistant Director of HBS’ Leadership Initiative, Boston, MA

I fully recommend Atina as an empowering Life and Leadership coach. While I was dealing with a career transition, Atina opened my eyes to possibilities and helped me examine my actions through the lens of “survival” and “essence”. She has provided me the option to look at situations not as “shoulds”, but “coulds”. Working with Atina I have allowed myself more choice, more confidence, more control and more focus inward instead of listening to all the voices “out there”. I truly feel that I have grown positively as a person and Atina’s reassuring, professional and transparent nature make it a pure joy to work with her.

Frances, Educator, Cambridge, MA

I worked with Atina over several months at a time when I was a bit stuck on a lot of fronts. She was extremely helpful in getting me not only in coming up with a plan, but helping me to overcome the barriers I threw up to get me to actually implement. She is warm and caring, but also no-nonsense and pragmatic, and was very astute in finding ways to help me move forward. I accomplished a lot in the four months I worked with her and continue to use the tools and techniques she provided and remember her warm encouragement when I begin to tie myself up in knots.

Laura, Non-Profit Consultant, Somerville, MA

Atina became the bright light that guided my way through a number of challenging personal and professional goals. I felt immediately comfortable opening up to her, and through our work together, I soon found myself surpassing desired results in my career (e.g., I’ve expanded my network of colleagues and slate of exciting projects) and my wellness (e.g., I’m in the best shape of my life). In fact, Atina has so positively impacted these areas for me that I truly believe nothing is impossible anymore.

Matt, Creator, Writer, Producer of Theatre, TV, Film, New York, NY

Atina and I developed a business partnership through our coaching practices – in part because of our shared backgrounds in the Intercultural field but also because of our shared value of empowering women to lead rich and full lives. Atina is a warm and bright individual, professional and compassionate, dedicated to high quality work and lives and works with integrity at every level. She is a talented coach and facilitator and I am delighted to be her partner.

Debbie Tyson, Mobilize Coaching, Boston, MA