Atina’s coaching services have been central in guiding me through a personal and professional inflection point in graduate school. As she regularly serves diverse medical, corporate, and nonprofit clientele, I benefited tremendously from her uniquely pointed and customized approach that speaks to her background in a broader career landscape. Her warmth and empathy are matched with a stern challenge to go beyond the necessary foundations of introspection and action-orientation, and actually commit to completing actions. Over time, Atina has helped build me up from a “To Do” list enthusiast to a “[To] Done” list-focused worker.

Moreover, Atina’s coaching practice stands out for its deliberate dynamism. More than a coach, Atina felt like an expert guide by motivating me to articulate my desired endpoints and by committing herself to taking me there. Depending on my degree of self-awareness during any given session, I could either feel like I was on a day hike or a night hike. However, if I stayed close and trusted, we always reached that endpoint by the end of the session. I appreciate that these endpoints have become identifiable milestones for me in my personal and professional maturation; milestones in a greater trek to the Summit.

Amaka, Director, Atlanta, GA