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Lauri Robbins Ericson

Lauri Robbins Ericson was born a passionate soul, a movement enthusiast who prefers to read while walking. She has an entrepreneurial and curious spirit, fed by universal trust, listening and wandering.

Lauri is committed to being in and moving others into action. Most recently, she served as Senior Advisor at Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), the hyper-efficient and highly scientific scheme to help the world’s poor. In this role, Lauri led the herculean task of leading the development and implementation of IPA’s 5-year Strategic Plan and became advisor to the Executive Director.  Prior to IPA, Lauri spent time contributing to organizations such as Reuters, United Nations Development Fund for Women, and Acumen. She gains tremendous energy while coaching women around the world (US Peace Corps, Togo; Grace Institute, New York; IRIS, New Haven) on economic development and female empowerment.

Her passion for helping others continues to have her wandering to places near and far and to people that call to her heart. Lauri has volunteered with Yale New Haven Pediatric Emergency Ward, conducted community health outreach with Philani, Khayelitsha South Africa and Natural Doctors International, Ometepe Nicaragua.

Lauri has studied a wide spectrum of human and organizational development theory with thought leaders such as Margaret Wheatley, Christopher Worley, Richard Boyatzis to Swami Sivananda. Lauri is blessed to have Mats Ericson as her life partner and Mikaela Ericson as her inspiring 3 year old daughter. Fela, their cat, serves as senior advisor.

Lauri has a Bachelors of Science in Business from West Chester University of Pennsylvania and a Masters of Arts in Education from New York University.  Lauri became a certified yoga instructor in 2008 through Sivananda Yoga.

Contact her at lauri.r.ericson@gmail.com
Cell 917.499.1788